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Tamika Washington

Does this sound like you?

Stay ahead of the game

Every established female in entrepreneurship should embrace leadership, which also impacts multiple aspects of your business, including your operations. Let's stay connected!

We're connected! 

Are you looking to streamline your business operations, set growth goals, enhance leadership skills, and get support as a woman in entrepreneurship?


Our consulting services offer best-in-class solutions for strategizing and facilitating professional and personal development. If you're facing challenges in maximizing your operations, whether it's for a physical location or an online presence, we can help.


We provide guidance on prioritizing an exceptional client experience while avoiding overwhelm with operational details, regardless of the in-person or online nature of your business.


Rest assured, our partnership will offer expert guidance in key decision-making processes to ensure a seamless launch and sustainable growth of your business. Whether you need assistance with leases, online platforms, or digital marketing, we are here to provide the support and guidance you need.



to create an inclusive space for established women entrepreneurs to thrive, grow, and achieve their full potential in the world.


We empower our clients to successfully navigate every stage of their business growth process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. With our customized approach and proven strategies, we enable businesses to thrive and achieve their operational goals.

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Hi there! I'm Tamika

 Outside of operations I enjoy speaking, hosting events, and being actively involved in the community as a member of the school board. I am dedicated to advocating for innovation outcomes for students and supporting women in leadership. Additionally, I take pride in being a connector in my community, fostering collaboration and creating meaningful connections. Through my consulting services, I not only help businesses succeed operationally but also incorporate these values and passions, promoting innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement

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